Saturday, April 20, 2013

We're Going on a Honeymoon!

I'm quite excited, guys!

Initially, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to swing a honeymoon.  Adam will be graduating from K-State in May and it was all quite dependent on whether his internship would turn into a full-time position or if he would have to start the interview process.  Manhattan isn't exactly the technological hub of the world, it's growing in programming-type jobs, but Kansas City is typically where we would have been relocating to.  

Both Adam and I didn't want to take a honeymoon right after him starting a new job.  I know that probably happens quite often, but it was part of the reason that we were holding back from making any plans.  Moving to Kansas City also would mean that we would have to find somewhere else to live, and our paid-off trailer makes for some real cheap living right now.  Aaand I would have to find a new job as well.  It seemed like there were too many variables to spend an extra few thousand dollars that we really might not have to spare.

Well, good news! Adam accepted a job with the company he currently works for and it looks like we will be sticking around for awhile.  Thus, we began our search for a honeymoon location.

Adam got his passport this past Christmas, so it seemed that we should go somewhere outside the boundaries of the US.  For me, it's a given that I want to go somewhere Spanish-speaking, but Adam was pretty impartial.  He really didn't want to go to a beach, but was interested in some of the other activities that shoreline locations offered.  We both really want to go to Europe, but to see everything that we want to, we're going to need more time and funds than we currently have.

I started checking the Groupon Getaways emails and noticed there were a lot of Jamaica and Mexico vacation packages.  Adam said that one beach is no different than any other beach, so I chose Mexico.  Airfare was a bit cheaper to help sway our decision as well.

And now I present to you, our honeymoon locale:  Cancún, México
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We bought a 5-night all-inclusive package at the Krystal Cancún for $945.  We get all our meals paid with the option to dine out at other hotels/restaurants, free room-service, all the alcohol my body can handle, a deluxe ocean-view room, beach access and snacks! It's kind of strange to believe we're going to pay almost $200 per night to stay here, but when we add up all the food and beverages we would normally pay for, I imagine that will equal out to the extra $100 per day. At least this way I won't feel bad about getting another drink!  Adam said he could handle hanging out at the beach as long as he could get drunk.  We're so perfect for each other!

Our hotel is right in the middle of the hotel zone, it seems to have a great bus system to get around the area and we can take a taxi from the airport once we arrive.  I haven't done a lot of researching, but there are some islands that are a ferry trip away, Mayan ruins, water activities and more.  I'm going to try and avoid micromanaging this trip and let us just enjoy the time together. By the time we spend two days traveling, it will only give us 4 full days there, so I shouldn't ruin it by running us all over the place, eh?

I ordered our plane tickets through Travelocity and the airline already changed our connecting flight so that there isn't enough time to board on time.  I spent about an hour on the phone today changing our flight out of Houston, but we should be all set now...hopefully!

For now, I just can't wait to get this school year over, have Adam graduate, do this wedding business and then sit on the beach, work on our ring tan-lines and have a margarita with my husband.

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  1. I had an amazing time in Cancun!!!! We bought tickets, from the peeps that walk around and sell crap, to Xel-Ha/Tulum and it was awesome, we swam with dolphins! And the buses were great I think it was 7 pesos to ride. You will have sooooo much fun, especially with the all inclusive part.