Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Week #2

If you missed Wedding Week Post 1, we are saving my sanity by creating Twitter-quality updates about the upcoming wedding and my recent projects so that I don't feel like a bad blogger. Please do comment if you would like a tutorial for something, just keep in mind that it will be July before you see it!

1. Got my hair did
I went in last week with mom to get a trial-run done with the hairstylist for my wedding-day hair. Mom wasn't sure if she wanted to get her hair done, so she tagged along with me and we got dolled up together (and went to Applebee's afterwards looking incredibly over-dressed...or over-haired...or something). I'm keeping the back as a secret now, but just imagine a pretty white flower and bobby pins with pearls on the end and we'll see how close you get to the final product later!
2. Bought some wine
Not much to say here. We're having Yellow Tail (Moscato, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir), Franzia Chillable Red (Adam's Mom's fave :D), and SutterHome White Zinfandel (my mom's favorite). We're giving each table a bottle of Andre champagne for the wedding toasts. It's the kind that I always drink at New Years, so if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for my guests to get for free! Maid of Honor N requested her own special bottle, which I agreed to. She's been known to steal champagne bottles off of guests' tables, so we're going to try to avoid that!
Thankfully we have a good booze security system
3.  Wedding Favors
I made our favors using Hershey's kisses and cellophane candy bags.  It was a pretty inexpensive way to combine the candy rather than the mini-boxes or jars.  I bought some Washi Tape with hearts on it and used it to seal the bag shut on the back side and then put a sticker with our names on it (from the VistaPrint order) on the front.  If you're looking to do candy, the cheapest I found was at Walmart.  I looked online at some places, but Wal-mart matched or beat those prices.  I bought plain, caramel, and almond kisses and hugs to give the favors a little variety.  I really wanted to put little stickers on the bottom of the kisses, but the night that I wanted to bag them I didn't have the patience to go out and buy little stickers and delay the process any more.
4.  Grandma's Charm
I mentioned about a month ago that I wanted to get a charm of my Grandma's to put on my bouquet to carry with me at the wedding.  My mom and I went out to my Grandpa's house last week to look through some of her stuff.  She and my grandpa used to own a thrift store and so they have a ton of things in her house and jewelry was no exception.  Grandpa showed me to her costume jewelry first, but nothing really spoke to me and I wanted something that was a little more personal.  Grandma had some really old jewelry that was passed down to her from when she lived in Germany, but it made me deathly afraid that something might happen to it.  Then I found the perfect thing, a guardian angel on a bracelet chain.
It really has no value (monetarily), but my Grandma used to wear a pin each day on her shirt with this exact same guardian angel (or an American Flag).  She had a couple of extras, so my mom is going to wear one at the wedding and then we are going to give one to my mom's best friend who is also our coordinator for the day.
5. Copycat Success
A long time ago, I stumbled upon this image that showed up on Pinterest.  It links back to WeddingBee, and the image is from The Knot, but I can't seem to find the original source.
I knew I wanted to do these for the wedding, so I bought 2 vases at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, submersible LED lights, fishing line and weights and baby's breath and set to work.  I had some floating candles that I had inherited from another wedding, so I was set.  And we succeeded!  Check out what will be hanging out on each side of the bar:
The light at the bottom will need to be repositioned better for the real thing, but it's kinda hard to make these ahead of time and just drop the light in there and hope it works.  The batteries are supposed to last 12+ hours, so maybe I'll just cross my fingers on the wedding day and turn them on in the afternoon.  Well see!
And that's it for Wedding Week #2.  Next time you'll hear from me, I'll probably be a Mrs!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Week!

In honor of this being the official Wedding Week, my posts are going to be a series of pictures with tiny descriptions.  If there's something that completely blows your mind, leave a comment so I can do a July!

1.  Dinner Menus - a rather unnecessary element to the wedding, but we're getting navy linen napkins and I want to fold them and tuck the menus in the pockets for each place setting.  I made them 3-per-page (landscape layout) on Microsoft Publisher so the dimensions are 3.5 x 8.  I wanted there to be some element of entertainment for people while they are waiting, so I added a Sudoku puzzle and crossword to the back.  There are easy-to-find generators on the interwebs, so that's what I used.

2.  Seating Chart - I went back and forth about doing this.  Ultimately Adam and I decided that there are too many groups of people that will be attending this wedding that don't fit together.  When we tell people that there is a seating chart, they groan, but in reality we are trying to do them a favor by seating them with people they are comfortable with and not forcing them to "reserve" seats for the rest of their group that hasn't shown up yet.  (I think we have some family members that are scarred from school seating charts). The biggest pain was knowing exactly who was coming to the wedding - kids names, correct spellings, undecided people, etc.  It made for a lot more phone calls than I would have done otherwise. 

3.  Table Numbers - since we assigned tables to our guests, each table needed a number.  We originally were going to have each table named after a Game of Thrones family.  We don't have anything nerdy in the wedding yet and thought that would be fun.  I also wanted to put a number on them (underneathe the family name) so that there was some sort of logical order that could help our guests find their tables easier without having to wander around the whole room. I ordered some frames from Oriental Trading, but they were really too small to put a name and a table number.  Thus, we have boring table numbers, but they will do!
4.  And finally, to conclude this Wedding Week post, I got a new job! I will be teaching at Manhattan High School next year and am extremely excited to not have to commute to work anymore.  MHS is my alma mater and I am looking forward to working with my former teachers.  It is really sad to be leaving my Wakefield family, and I didn't find out until the last day of school, so I never got a chance to say goodbye to the kids. But all things aside, I am looking forward to the change and think it will make me a better teacher in the long run.
Lindsy, you say, this isn't wedding related.
I know, but it took me a ton of time to move out of a classroom that I have steadily filled for the past five years and it took away from some of my wedding planning.  And I share a ton about my life here so why not throw in some other content.
My empty classroom and a full storage unit.
Stay tuned for another helping of Wedding Week posts.  And then recaps.  And tutorials.  Hooray!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Blues

If you remember, Adam and I love our rehearsal dinner location, the Hibachi Hut

Well, I got this email on Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) and it broke my heart:
Not only was I shocked that I didn't get to go have one last Long Island or their amazing ranch, but we no longer have a rehearsal dinner location!
Now, Memorial Day isn't exactly the prime time to be finding a new restaurant/caterer/location. I will say that I let it completely ruin my day off because we spent it trying to figure out what to do when the wedding was only 4 weeks away.  More than anything, I was frustrated.  They had already made the arrangements to lease the building to this other restaurant, so why couldn't they have given me a call and a little advanced notice?
We still don't really know the details of why they closed so suddenly.  The owners are getting older and I could see them wanting to retire, but I always figured that their son and partial owner would eventually take over.  There definitely could have been factors outside of the public eye, but it is sad to see it go.  On the bright side, the CEO of company Adam works for bought the Hibachi Hut name, recipes and it will be re-opening under new ownership, in a new location, in a few months (but it still doesn't solve our know, the important things here!).
Starting that Tuesday, we began our search (Part 2) of a rehearsal dinner location. I called a couple of places around town and got some information.  Adam's Dad made a phone call for us to a place where he knows the owner and did the same.  A lot of places were already booked, they didn't have a separate room for us or they wanted at least $1000 in sales to secure the group reservation. Well, we're not spending $1000 (and by we, I mean Adam's Dad).  We finally settled on Rambler's Steakhouse.  They have a room off to the side, we can select the menu and there's no reservation or amount that we have to secure to use it. 
And so, we're in the process of picking out our menu now.  I RE-printed our rehearsal dinner invitations, opened up all the envelopes that were already sealed, stamped and ready to go in the mail with the incorrect information and replaced it with the correct ones.  Got the glue and scotch tape out and resealed them (not the prettiest for Perfectionist Lindsy) and sent them off with the right destination this time. I still find it so strange (and lucky) that I had those rehearsal invitations sitting around for about a week and never stuck them in the mailbox. Yay procrastination.
For our rehearsal/dinner invitations, I did some searching on Etsy and found some designs I liked.  I let Adam pick and then went to work in PowerPoint, yes PowerPoint again.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but don't sue me if these were you Etsy invitations that I copied!  I downloaded a ton of fonts from (in order of appearance below):  Trajan Pro, Ornaments Labels and Frames, Riot Squad, Castro Script, Gabriola(standard font), and Frosting for Breakfast. 
Here they are!
For the wedding party and parents:
For grandparents:
I did same them as image files and then put them into a Word document so that it would print 2 per page.  I had to use Adam's computer and it really messed with the image quality when saving as pictures, so watch out for that!  I previously had a Mac and it let you control the image quality from the save box, but Windows wasn't as nice (at least the version of PowerPoint that he has wasn't).
We decided not to include aunts/uncles and people that are coming from out of town in the rehearsal dinner. While it would be nice to see them and spend time with them, we really couldn't justify the extra spending because it would add a lot more people.  We're already at about 35 people, so that will be plenty!
And rehearse we shall!  Thank goodness we didn't have to pay Hibachi Hut a deposit or I would be even more bummed/angry than before.  While it's been a huge pain in the ass, it will work out just fine this way, we'll rehearse and it will be spectacular.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Piece of Cake (well, not exactly)

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, but we finally paid for the cake in full the other day and it reminded me that we haven't talked about cake yet!

Over Christmas Break, Adam and I made a trip to Hy-Vee to do some cake testing.  We weren't too concerned about hiring some fancy baker to make our cake, we just wanted a tasty and affordable cake that people could enjoy.  After sampling their product and finding a design that we liked out of their book, we went ahead and placed an order.  (Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of it anywhere on the interwebs, so no picture for you.)

Now, the cake wasn't terribly expensive, around $400 for 120ish servings, but I had cake remorse. It seemed like too much for a tiny 3-tiered cake that might feed all of our guests. I called up another grocery store to talk to their cake decorator, and she wasn't very willing to meet with us outside of her schedule so we moved on...

Time went by and my mom and I went to a bridal show in January.  My parents live in Riley, about a 20 minute drive from Manhattan. There at the bridal show, was a bakery from Riley (Celebration Cakes & Bakery) and my mom knew the owner.  Mom and her chatted for awhile while I sampled the cupcakes and they were aahmazing.  I went home and discussed it with Adam and we finally made an appointment out there to talk with her in February.

Needless to say, Adam was in love.  Adam doesn't get excited about cupcakes, and he particularly doesn't like frosting, but we chowed down on the samples and then bought some normal sized cupcakes to take home with us.  The great thing about this lady is that her servings cost $1.45 per person, so regardless of the number of tiers and the sizes of the layers, it was going to still be really affordable.  We paid our deposit of $50 and just this week paid the cake off in full, so another $220.  We ended up ordering more cake than we will need, so it could have been around $200 total for a 4-tiered wedding cake if we had ordered the exact amount of servings, but instead it's $270 which gives us some room for error when we cut the cake.  And free delivery, woo!

With all that being said, we need some pictures!  Here is my inspiration for my wedding cake:  white buttercream icing featuring some white piping details.  Simple and classy.

Sources:  Top    Left    Right
                                                                      Bottom:  Left    Right

I can't wait to see what our cake turns out like!  Guess we'll find out in 2 weeks!

Did you have cake remorse or other decisions that you made that you were unhappy with?  Did it turn out for the better?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Bar Menu

We're under the 3-week mark until the wedding!

To celebrate, Adam and I did some wine tasting last night... order to complete our bar menu:

We purchased the liquor awhile back at Sam's Club, ordered the kegs this past weekend, talked with the reception hall about what types of soda were available in the CO2 guns, added a few more to the list (Adam loves cream soda) and finally got our wines figured out to make a final draft of the bar menu you see here.

I downloaded the chalkboard background off of a WeddingBee post and then did all my editing in PowerPoint. Probably not the ideal photo-editing/production program, but it was the best that I had.  I downloaded a few fonts off including Mutlu ("Bar Menu"); Sverge Script Demo (headings) and Trajan Pro (Pepsi, Bud Light, etc) to create the design.

Walgreen's was having a 40% off photo sale, so I saved the PowerPoint slide as a high-quality image file and then sent it off to get printed as a 20x30 poster.  I picked it up this morning, costing me $15 and bought a 20x30 piece of foam board that I glued to it to make it a little more sturdy. I borrowed an easel from school to post it at the reception, but the easel kind of swallows the poster since it's so much bigger than I realized, so I'll probably just prop it against the bar or get an easel that I can stand up on the bar to display it.

So there's one of many projects I have yet to post as we approach the big day.  Aaah!