Saturday, July 6, 2013 the Bathroom?

I'm back...
...and feeling a little more married! 

Since the final days before the wedding were a little crazy, I have a few tiny projects that I was waiting to share (or didn't have time to share).  Once we get the official wedding pictures back, we'll start doing some recaps!

Bathroom Baskets:
Since I've come across them, I've always thought bathroom baskets were a cool idea.  It's nice to have an extra hair tie lying around or some gum just to freshen up.  I went to Dollar Tree and bought three wicker baskets, two 3.5x5 picture frames and all the contents from there and also Wal-mart. 

Between the frames, baskets and contents, the total came to about $50.  A little expensive in my mind, but I have all the leftovers to use myself.  The girls and I all got ready at the reception hall (since there wasn't anywhere to do so at the church), so it came in handy when we were getting ready to have an extra bobby pin or make-up remover, or safety pins in Bridesmaid H's case!
The men's basket

...and the women's

Each basket had a sign beside it in a small 3.5x5 frame like you see below (except without that pink heart!).

Here are the contents for each basket in case you are wondering:
Spray deodorant, bandaids, tide to go pen, day quil, ibuprofin, tylenol, antacid, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial soap, kleenex, lint roller, scissors, pen, q-tips, nail clippers, hand lotion, eye drops, contact solution, mini-toothbrushes, flossers, chewing gum, breath strips

Women's (in addition to the men's basket):
Bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray, static guard, wrinkle releaser, nail kit, pads, tampons, safety pins and a sewing kit

So there's my very common, very stolen idea for the bathroom baskets. Very few items were actually opened or used, but I feel like it was a nice and fun touch to add for our guests.

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  1. We have our reception bathroom baskets in our guest room and bathroom. They're nice to have, and people don't have to ask for that sort of stuff.