Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Week #2

If you missed Wedding Week Post 1, we are saving my sanity by creating Twitter-quality updates about the upcoming wedding and my recent projects so that I don't feel like a bad blogger. Please do comment if you would like a tutorial for something, just keep in mind that it will be July before you see it!

1. Got my hair did
I went in last week with mom to get a trial-run done with the hairstylist for my wedding-day hair. Mom wasn't sure if she wanted to get her hair done, so she tagged along with me and we got dolled up together (and went to Applebee's afterwards looking incredibly over-dressed...or over-haired...or something). I'm keeping the back as a secret now, but just imagine a pretty white flower and bobby pins with pearls on the end and we'll see how close you get to the final product later!
2. Bought some wine
Not much to say here. We're having Yellow Tail (Moscato, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir), Franzia Chillable Red (Adam's Mom's fave :D), and SutterHome White Zinfandel (my mom's favorite). We're giving each table a bottle of Andre champagne for the wedding toasts. It's the kind that I always drink at New Years, so if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for my guests to get for free! Maid of Honor N requested her own special bottle, which I agreed to. She's been known to steal champagne bottles off of guests' tables, so we're going to try to avoid that!
Thankfully we have a good booze security system
3.  Wedding Favors
I made our favors using Hershey's kisses and cellophane candy bags.  It was a pretty inexpensive way to combine the candy rather than the mini-boxes or jars.  I bought some Washi Tape with hearts on it and used it to seal the bag shut on the back side and then put a sticker with our names on it (from the VistaPrint order) on the front.  If you're looking to do candy, the cheapest I found was at Walmart.  I looked online at some places, but Wal-mart matched or beat those prices.  I bought plain, caramel, and almond kisses and hugs to give the favors a little variety.  I really wanted to put little stickers on the bottom of the kisses, but the night that I wanted to bag them I didn't have the patience to go out and buy little stickers and delay the process any more.
4.  Grandma's Charm
I mentioned about a month ago that I wanted to get a charm of my Grandma's to put on my bouquet to carry with me at the wedding.  My mom and I went out to my Grandpa's house last week to look through some of her stuff.  She and my grandpa used to own a thrift store and so they have a ton of things in her house and jewelry was no exception.  Grandpa showed me to her costume jewelry first, but nothing really spoke to me and I wanted something that was a little more personal.  Grandma had some really old jewelry that was passed down to her from when she lived in Germany, but it made me deathly afraid that something might happen to it.  Then I found the perfect thing, a guardian angel on a bracelet chain.
It really has no value (monetarily), but my Grandma used to wear a pin each day on her shirt with this exact same guardian angel (or an American Flag).  She had a couple of extras, so my mom is going to wear one at the wedding and then we are going to give one to my mom's best friend who is also our coordinator for the day.
5. Copycat Success
A long time ago, I stumbled upon this image that showed up on Pinterest.  It links back to WeddingBee, and the image is from The Knot, but I can't seem to find the original source.
I knew I wanted to do these for the wedding, so I bought 2 vases at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, submersible LED lights, fishing line and weights and baby's breath and set to work.  I had some floating candles that I had inherited from another wedding, so I was set.  And we succeeded!  Check out what will be hanging out on each side of the bar:
The light at the bottom will need to be repositioned better for the real thing, but it's kinda hard to make these ahead of time and just drop the light in there and hope it works.  The batteries are supposed to last 12+ hours, so maybe I'll just cross my fingers on the wedding day and turn them on in the afternoon.  Well see!
And that's it for Wedding Week #2.  Next time you'll hear from me, I'll probably be a Mrs!


  1. Hello, Just wondering where you bought you vases for your centrepiece?

  2. Hello,

    I was just wondering if you could explain how you weighed the baby's breath down.

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