Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Week!

In honor of this being the official Wedding Week, my posts are going to be a series of pictures with tiny descriptions.  If there's something that completely blows your mind, leave a comment so I can do a tutorial...in July!

1.  Dinner Menus - a rather unnecessary element to the wedding, but we're getting navy linen napkins and I want to fold them and tuck the menus in the pockets for each place setting.  I made them 3-per-page (landscape layout) on Microsoft Publisher so the dimensions are 3.5 x 8.  I wanted there to be some element of entertainment for people while they are waiting, so I added a Sudoku puzzle and crossword to the back.  There are easy-to-find generators on the interwebs, so that's what I used.

2.  Seating Chart - I went back and forth about doing this.  Ultimately Adam and I decided that there are too many groups of people that will be attending this wedding that don't fit together.  When we tell people that there is a seating chart, they groan, but in reality we are trying to do them a favor by seating them with people they are comfortable with and not forcing them to "reserve" seats for the rest of their group that hasn't shown up yet.  (I think we have some family members that are scarred from school seating charts). The biggest pain was knowing exactly who was coming to the wedding - kids names, correct spellings, undecided people, etc.  It made for a lot more phone calls than I would have done otherwise. 

3.  Table Numbers - since we assigned tables to our guests, each table needed a number.  We originally were going to have each table named after a Game of Thrones family.  We don't have anything nerdy in the wedding yet and thought that would be fun.  I also wanted to put a number on them (underneathe the family name) so that there was some sort of logical order that could help our guests find their tables easier without having to wander around the whole room. I ordered some frames from Oriental Trading, but they were really too small to put a name and a table number.  Thus, we have boring table numbers, but they will do!
4.  And finally, to conclude this Wedding Week post, I got a new job! I will be teaching at Manhattan High School next year and am extremely excited to not have to commute to work anymore.  MHS is my alma mater and I am looking forward to working with my former teachers.  It is really sad to be leaving my Wakefield family, and I didn't find out until the last day of school, so I never got a chance to say goodbye to the kids. But all things aside, I am looking forward to the change and think it will make me a better teacher in the long run.
Lindsy, you say, this isn't wedding related.
I know, but it took me a ton of time to move out of a classroom that I have steadily filled for the past five years and it took away from some of my wedding planning.  And I share a ton about my life here so why not throw in some other content.
My empty classroom and a full storage unit.
Stay tuned for another helping of Wedding Week posts.  And then recaps.  And tutorials.  Hooray!


  1. I love the menus! Ours were plain on the back because I attached them to leftover cardstock from our invites. You are knocking out all sorts of wedding projects!

    1. Thanks! I used extras from the invitations too, so it made it pretty cost effective! And thank goodness for having summer off of work, or there would be significantly less getting completed!

  2. Congrats on the new job! That's so exciting! Can't wait to help you celebrate in just a few short days!

    1. I'm so excited to see you guys! Travel safe!